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Our core services include:

  • Arrangement of Utility Contracts
    • Energy Direct can provide key assistance to you and your business by obtaining competitive contract rates for your utilities in order to ensure that you do not pay deemed or, out of contract rates when you move into your property.
  • Renewing of Utility Contracts
    • Energy Direct can provide key assistance to you and your business during the contract renewal process.
    • Your utility supplier should usually write to you 90 days prior to your contract end date however, this does vary depending on your incumbent utility supplier/s.
    • If you do not submit your termination notice, your incumbent utility supplier will automatically roll your contract over for a further 12 months, at a contract rate which they have pre-determined.
    • By notifying your incumbent utility supplier that you wish to terminate your contract, this will allow you to renegotiate a new contract, which is more favourable to you rather than your supplier.
    • We can assist you in this process to ensure that you have provided the correct information to your utility supplier, as well as providing bespoke renewal prices from the market.
    • Moving forward, you will not have the worry of rolling over, as we will automatically contact you at the time of your contract renewal period.
  • Bill Validation
    • Energy Direct can provide key assistance to you and your business by supporting you with any invoice discrepancies that you may incur during your contract term with your utility suppliers.
    • Please ensure that you continue to pay a proportion of your invoices whilst you are in dispute as cancelling direct debits or not making payments on your account could lead to suppliers applying deemed rates to your account or, at worst, taking legal action that could ultimately lead to your meter being disconnected.
    • For more information regarding this service please contact us
  • Metering Installations & Reconnections
    • Energy Direct have a dedicated site works team who can assist in any aspect of metering
    • If you experience any issues regarding meter loss or, you wish to enquire about upgrading your supply, please contact us
  • Site Works & Service Upgrades
    • Energy Direct have a dedicated site works team who can assist in any aspect of your utility requirements
    • For further assistance, please contact us
  • Smart Metering / AMR / Telemetry Data
    • Utility suppliers are only legally obliged to read your meters once every two years hence, Estimated Billing!! This is the route cause to discrepancies on accounts that in the majority of cases, leads to customers underpaying during their contract term, and leaving them with a significant deficit.
    • As technology evolves - so do Energy Direct. This is why we now offer Smart Metering, AMR and Telemetry Data to all of our customers so that estimated bills become a thing of the past, meaning you only pay for what you consume.
      • Smart Metering – Electricity
      • AMR – Pulse Enabled Gas Meters
      • Telemetry Data - LPG
    • If you would like more information on how to be billed accurately then , please contact us
  • Telecommunications & Broadband
    • Energy Direct can assist you and your business in all aspects of telecoms, so if you require a new line installation or broadband, we are here to help. We can also provide assistance on the installation of PDQ machines.
    • We can offer bespoke pricing for telephone & broadband to all businesses either at the time of moving in, as well as at the time of your renewal.
    • For further assistance, please contact us
  • Bespoke Outsourced Utility Solutions
    • Energy Direct provides bespoke turnkey solutions to a large number of multiple operators who do not have the time to manage their utility portfolios.
    • If you are looking for a key partner who can provide a quality service and can ensure to maximise utility savings, then please contact us to see what we can do for your business.

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