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Arrangement of Utility Contracts

New Occupiers

Moving premises or setting up a new business can be stressful, that’s why we’re here take some of that pressure away by searching the markets to get you the most competitive rates on the best contract terms (Gas, Electricity, Water & Telecoms/Broadband). Don’t get caught out on deemed rates by the current supplier! There’s no contract in place when your business moves in so, act fast to get contracts in place as you will incur deemed rates. To find out more about how deemed rates can affect your business contact Ed today!

Business Mover Service

Whether you’re moving premises or moving out, we’re with you every step of the way. We can gather all of the necessary information in order to inform your supplier (Gas, Electricity & Water) of your move, and ensure that you’re account’s are closed down properly. We can even assist you in the Change of Tenancy (COT) process and arranging of contracts in your new premises, so contact Ed today.

Utility Contract Renewals

Don’t get caught out at the time of your renewal

Remember to submit your termination notice to your supplier (Gas, Electricity & Water) as you could incur higher rates at the end of your contract term. As we have affiliations with the majority of suppliers we can provide assistance with this process, meaning one less thing for you to worry about. For more information on the contract renewal process why not contact Ed or simply log your renewal with us so we can contact you to discuss?

Meter Reading Submissions

Why not benefit from out meter reading submission service (Gas, Electricity & Water)? Simply give us your meter readings each month and we’ll forward them to your supplier so they can calculate your bill accurately, meaning no more estimated bills. This is a great service for small businesses and multi-site operators. To find out more on submitting meter readings and how it could assist with your cash flow, contact Ed today!

Bill Validation

If you’re experiencing discrepancies with your bills (Gas, Electricity & Water) and want us to take a look, we have a trained eye in identifying any anomalies that could be causing the problem. Why not contact Ed to see how our bill validation service could benefit your business?

Metering Installations & Reconnections

If your business in undergoing a revamp or refurbishment and you require meters or services (Gas, Electricity and/or Water) upgrading or relocating within your property, don’t panic as we have a dedicated team that you can assist you through the entire process, from application to installation. For more information on these services contact Ed today.

Meter Reconnections / Removals

Have you acquired a new property and found when you have moved in that the supply (Gas, Electricity and/or Water) has been de-energised or disconnected? Don’t worry, we have a specialist team that can provide key assistance to get your business back up and running at the earliest opportunity. If you require this service contact Ed to see how we can provide immediate assistance.

Bespoke Requirements

Require more that what we’ve shown you? Why not contact Ed today to discuss your needs and see how we can model and service a bespoke package that’s tailor made for your business?

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